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The LandSense project will build an innovative citizen observatory in the field of Land Use Land Cover (LULC), which collects data both actively (through citizens) and passively (from authoritative, and open access sources) and integrates them to provide valuable quality-assured in-situ data for SMEs, larger businesses, government agencies, NGOs and researchers. There is currently no single marketplace that brings together the growing demand for in-situ data for the monitoring of land use. LandSense will build such a marketplace to attract a vast community of users across numerous disciplines and sectors and thereby boost Europe’s role in the business of in-situ monitoring. LandSense will also provide multiple pathways for citizen empowerment that go beyond simple data collection by providing a range of engagement tools that will allow the voices of citizens to be heard.

“Through citizen-powered science LandSense aims to deliver concrete, measureable and quality-assured ground-based data that will complement existing monitoring systems.”

– Dr. Steffen Fritz, LandSense Coordinator

Project Partners

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This project is funded as an innovation action from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 funding program under grant agreement number 689812.

European Commission