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  • by LandSense team
  • 17.07.2017
  • Workshop, Urban

LandSense URBAN LANDSCAPE DYNAMICS workshop 29.-30.06 Heidelberg

In June 2017, a successful stakeholder meeting was held at Heidelberg University targeting the LandSense Urban Landscape Dynamics theme focusing on engaging citizens in monitoring land change in urban and peri-urban areas.

Together with other stakeholders, LandSense participants from Heidelberg University, IGN France, IIASA, Umweltbundesamt Vienna and Vrije University Amsterdam were discussing citizen science activities for urban and land use mapping. The main objectives of the workshop were to address and discuss the status of the three different demo cases, as well as to exchange and discuss the ongoing efforts of Open Street Map (OSM) Land Use land Cover (LULC) activities.

Within the workshop, preliminary results and ongoing activities of the demo cases in Heidelberg (University of Heidelberg), Toulouse (IGN France), and Vienna (Umweltbundesamt Vienna) were presented to close the gaps towards overall LandSense objective, as well as to communicate relevant quality measures and indicators. Furthermore, the role of ground truth data and its incorporation into the LandSense demo cases was reviewed.

Along with the stakeholder workshop, Heidelberg University organized a so called Mapathon to validate the LULC data for Heidelberg, Toulouse and Vienna using