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  • by LandSense team
  • 02.08.2017
  • Meeting, Infrastructure

More partners joining the LandSense Engagement Platform

The Change Detector Service of GeoVille will be important for all three LandSense Themes, providing critical data to the respective user communities of the demo cases. The Change Detectors Service can be accessed via the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC), which is a cooperation among partners from science, the public and private sectors, and which provides a collaborative IT infrastructure for archiving, processing, and distributing EO data.

To bring the service on-board the LandSense Engagement Platform, a technical meeting between GeoVille and Secure Dimension GmbH was held last week at the GeoVille office in Innsbruck, Austria. The main objective of the meeting was to exchange ideas and to find technical solutions for the implementation of EODC into the LandSense Engagement platform, and hence to provide access to the GeoVille Change Detector Service. While, GeoVille provided a detailed overview of the envisaged Change Detector Service and the EODC system architecture, Andreas Matheus from Secure Dimension illustrated the LandSense Engagement Platform and the technical requirements needed for including EODC.