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  • by LandSense team
  • 19.09.2017
  • Meeting, Urban

Defining the Urban landscape dynamics pilot for Toulouse, France

A dedicated stakeholder workshop was held by the representatives of LandSense partner IGN France in Toulouse in mid-July 2017. The Workshop aimed at informing participants about the details of the planned campaign in the city. Furthermore, the requirements, tools, and data needed for the validation of the campaign were discussed.

Following a short introduction on the overall aim and objectives of the LandSense project, the implementation of the Urban landscapes dynamic case for Toulouse was discussed. This included, among other things, data requirements, a presentation of the LandSense Change Detection Service provided by GeoVille, as well as goals and strategies for the campaign. Importantly, the areas of interest for the campaign were defined in accordance with stakeholder inputs.

The meeting was well received and included 18 participants from local governments, private companies, universities, and national research institutes dealing with LULC, who have expressed interest in LandSense and were willing to participate in the campaign. A local representative from OpenStreetMap France also attended the meeting.