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  • by Ana-Maria Raimond
  • 05.06.2018
  • Campaign, Toulouse

Launch of the opportunistic campaign, Toulouse Pilot: May 14 – October 31, 2018

IGN France have launched the Opportunistic Campaign in Occitanie Region, France. The campaign is part of the Toulouse Pilot. Thanks to LandSense project, the PAYSAGES web tool was developed.

What is the goal?
Dedicated mostly to experts in LULC data, the PAYSAGES web allow to engage with French local authorities during the opportunistic campaign in order to improve and update LULC data.

Which types of contributions?
Three main opportunities:

  • To indicate corrections to be made in 2013 authoritative LULC data in the former Midi-Pyrénées Region,
  • To indicate the updates to be made in both 2013 and 2016 authoritative LULC data in the former Midi-Pyrénées Region
  • To add and / or indicate useful information for buildings such as the number of floors, its functionality and nature.

How to contribute?
To contribute, you can create an account on the PAYSAGES website. Go to one of the three themes (OCS-2013, OCS-2016 and BUILDINGS) and contribute!

Do you have questions?
Use the PAYSAGES wiki to learn more about the campaigns and the LULC data, and to discuss with other contributors. Do not hesitate to contact the team for any questions, help, advice or remarks.