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  • by LandSense team
  • 25.06.2018
  • Campaign, Urban

LandSense collaborates with BOKU students to further test the FREI.RAUM.NETZ app

During the spring of 2018, the FREI.RAUM.NETZ app was tested and evaluated as part of the course unit “Introduction to Landscape Architecture” at the TU Vienna, involving students from the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Due to the success of this first testing, a team from Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences was eager to participate and help co-design the app for the forthcoming city-wide greenspace monitoring campaign in 2019. Using the FREI.RAUM.NETZ app as part of the 'Use and Management of Urban Structures' project, approximately 20 students investigated the Kretaviertel neighbourhood in Vienna's Favoriten district.

Not only did these students provide their subjective perceptions of the Kretaviertel area, but they also collected data on how citizens can use urban green spaces for activities like cycling, playgrounds or as a place to relax. Additionally, the students recorded some observations of urban wildlife.

The students’ feedback will be vital for the co-design of the public FREI.RAUM.NETZ app, which is scheduled for release in summer 2019. Many thanks to the students and LandSense is excited to continue this collaboration with BOKU.