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  • by LandSense team
  • 10.10.2018
  • Campaign, Urban

The Mijn Park app pilot is wrapping up for city parks in Amsterdam

The Mijn Park app pilot has been running throughout the summer in the large Rembrandtpark, close to the centre of Amsterdam. This park is due for renovations starting next year, and together the Vrije Universiteit, LandSense, and the City of Amsterdam have been working to pilot this new participatory process giving park users the chance to have their say via the app.

In detail, the app sends respondents into the park to three different locations where they are asked about their subjective perception of it. Furthermore, they are asked to rate their satisfaction with certain elements of the whole park and what they would like to see changed in the future. Respondents are also asked to provide Socio-demographic details. On site surveys asking many of the same questions have also been conducted in the park so as to verify the app sample and results.

With this information we aim to make a map of certain characteristics, such as the tranquillity or liveliness of areas within the park, and to demonstrate whether the majority of people support certain changes, such as a cafe in the park or stricter rules for cyclists.

Preliminary results from the app were presented at the Rembrandtparkfestival on Sunday, September 30, 2018. The final results will be discussed in further detail with city planners and a number of app respondents in an 'in-depth' session at the end of October 2018. This discussion will help determine how the app results will be translated to on-the-ground changes.