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  • by LandSense team
  • 02.11.2018
  • Campaign, Urban

SIGMA students from ENSAT Toulouse contribute to LandSense

On October 24, thirteen students from SIGMA (Geographic Sciences for Environment and Planning) at the University of Toulouse along, with their instructor David Shereen, participated in the LandSense Urban Landscape Dynamics pilot using the PAYSAGES France mobile application developed by the French National Mapping Agency (IGN France) and IIASA.

The overall goal of this pilot is to engage citizens and local authorities, as well as stakeholders involved in decision support and local planning of land monitoring processes. In particular, this pilot evaluates how citizen-contributed data complements authoritative data sources, advance current operational workflows and provide quality-assured cost-effective solutions for LULC monitoring and change detection.

The field-campaign with the SIGMA students was very successful, collecting more than 100 in-situ validations that will be further used to train the change detection algorithm for automatic land use and land use change detection.

Big thank you to the students for their enthusiastic participation!