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  • by LandSense team
  • 21.11.2018
  • General, Workshop

LandSense - Year 2 Workshop

From November 7 - 9 the LandSense Year 2 Workshop took place at IIASA,in Laxenburg, Austria, bringing together all partners to discuss the progress of the project as well as to exchange experiences from the past year.

On day one of the workshop, the LandSense pilot case leaders presented the results and lessons learned from their first test campaigns. Within the Urban Landscape Dynamics theme a total of four pilot studies were conducted targeting green space monitoring in Vienna using the Frei.Raum.Netz app, citizen perception of participatory Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam via the Mijn Park App (VUA), land use and land use change monitoring in the Occitanie region of France using Paysages France App (IGN France) as well as land use mapping and validation in Heidelberg using Open Street Map (University of Heidelberg). The Agricultural Land Use theme featured the CropSupport App for farm management and InoSens shared their outcomes from their collaboration with more than 50 young citizen scientists. Furthermore, BirdLife International presented their 2019 plans for the biodiversity threat monitoring campaign in Spain as part of the Forest & Habitat monitoring theme.

The second day was devoted to in-depth discussions of the themes and pilots. In particular, partners were exchanging lessons learned from pilot phase 1 and were brainstorming improvements for the LandSense Engagment Platform along with potential visualization options. Other relevant issues included the further development of the mobile applications as well as detailing the timeline for the 2019 campaigns.

Important aspects for sustainability and business exploitation for LandSense were discussed at the last day of the workshop. In particular, potential business opportunities that could result from the pilots were discussed along with the key customers and their problem to be solved by LandSense pilot apps. This information is critical in order to guarantee the sustainability of the LandSense services beyond the end of the project. Finally, the action plan for 2019 along with the next steps were finalized. We are keen to forge ahead into the second half of the project!