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  • by LandSense team
  • 29.05.2017
  • Meeting, Forest

Forest Monitoring (Demo Case 3) – Stakeholder consultation in Flores, Indonesia

In May 2017, Burung Indonesia, a partner of Bird Life International, organized a stakeholder workshop in Labuan Bajo, Flores in Indonesia. The workshop addressed habitat monitoring activities using satellite imagery and focused specifically to gather the user needs.

Participants included among others, representatives of the forest management unit, Komodo National Park, National Development Agency, District Environmental Agency and community empowerment and village governance agency, as well as the Agricultural agency. Furthermore, local communities were invited, including the heads of the villages located in Mbeliling and members of the Conservation Development Group of each village.

Burung Indonesia is now visiting the villages in the study area to engage locals in the LandSense project, to understand their needs, their motivation for undertaking habitat monitoring, and the ways in which LandSense can support their communities and the protection of their key biodiversity area.

Within LandSense Theme 3, the LandSense Citizen Observatory will activate volunteer networks for in-situ data collection to help monitor protected areas within the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) networks. A demo case will be implemented on the island of Flores in Indonesia, where local community members of Burung Indonesia will monitor ongoing threats to forests, illegal activities in particularly, and link this information with the LandSense Citizen Observatory. Learn more here.