LandSense Team


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

IIASA is an international scientific institute conducting policy-oriented research of complex, interdisciplinary and cross country problems that require national and international cooperative action including climate change, energy security, population growth, and sustainable development.
As leader of WP1-MANAGE, IIASA will oversee overall project coordination and management roles including administration of contractual and financial agreements and will serve as the official contact to the European Commission. Further, IIASA is leading WP4-EMPOWER that focuses on the deployment of the outlined demonstration cases.


BirdLife International

BirdLife International (BLI) is a global Partnership of 120 independent environmental NGOs with the mission to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.
As leader of WP2–INVOLVE, BLI is responsible for the stakeholder inclusion and citizen engagement approaches. Further, BLI is leading demonstration case 3 for forest and habitat monitoring in Spain and Indonesia.



SINERGISE is an IT company focuses on the development of large-scale GIS applications and high-performance web mapping platforms. In 2016, SINERGISE won the Copernicus Masters 2016 award by creating the Sentinel Hub.
As leader of WP3-BUILD, Sinergise is the primary technology developer of the LandSense engagement platform, working on improving the technical means of data distribution and the application of EO techniques. Further, Sinergise’s efforts include defining the reference framework, establishing the Spatial Data Infrastructure and bringing the tools and platforms from the LandSense partners together.


University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham (UNOTT) has a long-standing tradition of research in relevant areas of geographical information science, remote sensing and citizen sensing and is ranked in the UK and in Europe in the top 30 Universities.
As leader of WP5–IMPROVE, UNOTT contributes expertise in the validation of citizen-based observation and quality assurance services, as well as hands-on experience with the COBWEB quality assurance service.



InoSens aims to identify opportunities for digital innovation in the agrifood value chain well in advance of their market impact and execute such initiatives with precision to deliver market success. It works with different stakeholders across Europe, to apply technologies of tomorrow today.
Leading WP6–AWARE, InoSens plays a key role for dissemination, communication and exploitation of LandSense services. Further, InoSens contributes to the user requirements and potential barriers for the FarmLand Support service based on experience and knowledge from AgroSense and will be involved in the demonstration case 2 for monitoring of agricultural land in Serbia.



GeoVille is providing consultancy services and products related to remote sensing, geo-information and GIS. GeoVille's mission is to offer end-to-end EO-solutions with a particular emphasis on providing dedicated geo-information products tailored to customer needs.
GeoVille will contribute to the user requirements process, particularly with respect to change detection needs and subsequently defining action plans (WP2-INVOLVE). Further, it will establish the change detector service and is involved in demo case 2 for monitoring of agricultural and demo case 3 for forest and habitat monitoring in Spain and Indonesia. Leading the development, implementation and updating of the DEC plan GeoVille plays a crucial role in WP6-AWARE.


Environment Agency Austria

The Environment Agency Austria (UBA) is the expert authority of the federal government in Austria for environmental protection and environmental control. UBA aims at improving the state of the environment and conserving our natural livelihoods alongside sustainable development. It provides advisory services across a wide range of areas, and has exhaustive experience with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary participation processes.
As a public body, UBA will not only be playing a key role in providing user requirements expertise of a key sector but also leading a demonstration case 1 on cost reduction and data conflation for land change monitoring within WP4–EMPOWER.


IGN France

The National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information (IGN) is the national mapping agency of France. IGN is assigned several missions among which are to produce, manage, qualify and share multi-themed spatial data, and to create and enhance knowledge, skills and innovation. IGN’s specificity in Europe is to have its proper research lead in different geographic information science domains such as geodesy, instrumentation, photogrammetry and computer vision, cartography and geomatics, forest monitoring.
As a national mapping agency, IGN plays a key role in assessing the added value of citizen-based observations for reducing costs of authoritative data collection and updating, relevant to WP4–EMPOWER.



The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) is a powerful association, supporting and fostering citizen science across Europe and beyond to enhance the participation of the general public in scientific processes. ECSA promotes citizen science by fostering scientific literacy and the democratization of scientific expertise, engaging in the social relevance and sustainable impact of research, and improving the evidence base for environmental, biodiversity and climate change policy in Europe and globally.
ECSA’s broad network of organizations from 27 countries in various sectors including NGOs, universities, research institutes, museums, civil society organizations, SMEs, policy and decision makers as well as other local and national institutions is relevant for the success of WP2-INVOLVE and WP6-AWARE.



The "Steinbeis-Forschungszentrum FeLis" belongs to Steinbeis Forschungs- und Innovationszentren GmbH and is a spinoff of the Chair of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems of Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg. STZ-FELIS brings R&D results in the fields of LIDAR data processing, general GIS applications and in Geodata Infrastructures into the market.
For LandSense, STZ-FELIS is mainly involved in WP3-BUILT with expertise in Spatial Data Infrastructures, the use of OGC services, database- and backend management and Linux administration.

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University

The GIScience research group at UHEI’s Department of Geography is one of the most dynamically growing research groups in Europe, specializing in different aspects of Crowdsourcing GI, VGI, Citizens as Sensors, data quality, WebGIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures, Routing and Navigation, as well as 3D and Spatial Analysis in several domains from planning to agriculture, land use to disaster management.
UHEI brings vast expertise in authoritative/crowdsourced data conflation and social media analysis, relevant for WP4-EMPOWER and WP5-IMPROVE.


Wageningen University & Research Centre

WU & Research Centre (WUR) in the Netherlands is well known for its innovative approaches in agriculture and environmental sciences. The Centre for Geo-Information (CGI) includes the Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing group, which specializes in the domain of quantitative retrieval of land surface parameters, time-series analysis and near-real time integrated land change monitoring and assessments.
WUR brings expertise in forest monitoring and change detection, relevant to the implementation of demonstration case 3 for forest and habitat monitoring using innovative technologies (WP4–EMPOWER). As head of the GOFC-GOLD office, it WUR also offers expertise in authoritative validation data, relevant for WP5-IMPROVE.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Environmental Geography group of VUA has considerable experience in dealing with complex environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. The group has expertise in developing decision support tools and in monitoring and modelling land systems, the social valuation of ecosystem services and land change using among others citizen observations.
Within LandSense, VUA contributes to demo case 1 and is evaluating opinions/perceptions of citizens on land use change (WP4 – EMPOWER) with comparison to traditional methods of public consultation. VUA will participate in WP2-INVOLVE by addressing citizen engagement strategies and contributing to new action plan designs, and WP5-IMPROVE through assessing quality assurance services and methods for validating citizen-observed data.


Joint Research Centre

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Commission's in-house science and knowledge service. Its mission is to provide independent, evidence-based scientific and technical support throughout the whole EU policy cycle.
Within LandSense, JRC will evaluate the robustness of novel observation systems in supporting MARS crop monitoring and forecasting which will also help to shape the next Common Agricultural Policy, relevant to WP4-EMPOWER and WP5-IMPROVE.

Secure Dimensions

Secure Dimensions

Secure Dimensions (SECD) focus on consulting, education, and the creation of security concepts and their implementation in the area of distributed applications, in particular Geo Web Services. SECD also provides technologies and products for enabling access control on geo-localized information based on standards such as SAML, OAuth and GeoXACML.
For LandSense, SECD brings expertise in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and specifications, security, privacy and data licensing, relevant to WP3-BUILD.



GLOBAL 2000 (G2K) is an independent member of Friends of the Earth International, the largest worldwide network of environmental grassroots organizations and is the largest Austrian environmental protection organization. Besides successful campaigning and advocacy work, GLOBAL 2000 has a strong tradition of working together with stakeholders to explore and implement sustainable solutions for pressing environmental problems.
Its cooperation with other environmental grass-roots organizations, citizens’ initiatives, and independent action groups is directly relevant to LandSense within WP2-INVOLVE and WP6-AWARE.


European Crowdfunding Network

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), based in Brussels, is a professional network promoting adequate transparency, (self) regulation and governance while offering a combined voice in policy discussion and public opinion building. ECN aim is to increase the use of crowdfunding to provide access to finance, support entrepreneurship and market take-up of innovative products and services.
In LandSense, ECN supports crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for purchasing very high resolution satellite imagery within WP4-EMPOWER and WP6-AWARE.



Helyx specialises in the provision of services and solutions that exploit and manage geographic information. Helyx works extensively across government and commercial sectors, and is at the forefront of a number of research and innovation initiatives, where they have helped uncover the potential of geospatial science to improve situational awareness, to facilitate informed decision making. Helyx brings specific expertise in geospatial science, information management and exploitation to LandSense, and is specifically contributing to the data quality services in support of WP-5 IMPROVE. As part of this support, Helyx will deploy an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards compliant set of services, to provide a set of quality metrics configured to fit a number of demonstration cases, with the flexibility for bespoke configuration.