Forest & Habitat Monitoring

EO data for biodiversity conservation

In this theme, the LandSense Citizen Observatory will trigger volunteer networks for in-situ data collection to help monitor protected areas within the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) networks.

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In the Forest and Habitat Monitoring theme, citizens will be engaged in monitoring natural resources that impact biodiversity. Tapping into the international Birdlife community, two demonstration cases will show how technology and Earth Observation can be harnessed to aid in protecting biodiversity:

  • In Spain, IBAs (Important Bird Areas) will be monitored for habitat threats by BirdLife volunteers.
  • On the island of Flores in Indonesia, local community members of Burung Indonesia will monitor ongoing threats to forests, particularly illegal activities.

The LandSense change detection service will be used to identify changes in real-time, which will be investigated on the ground by BirdLife members, and monitored online by engaged LandSense volunteers, using very high resolution satellite imagery.

Mobile technology will be disseminated for the monitoring and the results from the volunteers will directly populate the ‘World Bird & Biodiversity Database’. In this way, the much needed, valuable information on habitat threats will feed into decision making and the development of protection policies. Once the demonstration cases are up and running, we will upscale these activities across the BirdLife International Partnership.