Urban Landscape Dynamics

Complementing authoritative data sources

This theme focuses on engaging citizens in monitoring land change in urban and peri-urban areas. Reported changes and citizens’ perceptions of changes will be incorporated into local authorities’ databases for improved urban planning.

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The aim of the Urban Landscape Dynamics theme is to engage citizens in monitoring ongoing changes to the urban landscape that is taking place within their cities. Four demonstration cases will provide ample opportunity for citizen and stakeholder engagement within the LandSense citizen observatory:

  • In the city of Vienna, citizens will document urban greenspace and brownfield developments and help monitor the vertical growth of buildings within the cityscape.
  • In smaller cities within Austria, citizens will aid in monitoring the health and types of trees growing within their city.
  • In the mid-Pyrenees, including the city of Toulouse in France, IGN France will engage citizens and public authorities in updating a number of their mapping products. Using the LandSense change detection service, citizens will become detectives and investigate urban change in real-time supported by the European Sentinel-2 satellite image data infrastructure.
  • In the city of Heidelberg, citizens will work with public authorities to determine the future of new developments in the wake of the US military evacuation, providing feedback and perceptions on the landscape.

In each demonstration case, specific campaigns will be launched to encourage citizen and stakeholder participation and to demonstrate the LandSense monitoring tools and services. The demonstration cases are intended to highlight how simple monitoring workflows can lead to potential cost reductions in landscape monitoring while providing a rich source of land cover and land use information. In both the mid-Pyrenees and in the city of Heidelberg, we will tap into strong connections with the OSM community.